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What is Kinesiology? Access the body's wisdom

Let your body 'talk'



The term 'kinesiology' describes a gentle but powerful complementary therapy that effectively identifies energy imbalances in your system and the most exciting thing about it is you!

It really is your story - it's everything that is going on for you on all the many levels of your being.

The information that can be accessed is incredible really - from stuck emotions, to thoughts that are holding you back or finding out that you've got a virus or bacteria in your system - or even parts of your body not communicating with other bits of your system. Then we have the excitement of finding out what you need to bring you back into balance


kinesiology is based on the connection between various muscles and acupuncture meridians.

Using muscle testing we can get a picture of what is happening in your energy system and how this may be affecting you.


We'll initially be testing a muscle usually your arm and by getting a locked or unlocked response we can find out what's balanced and what isn't. It's really simple.

There are lots of different muscle tests we do as well to get a better understanding of what's happening in your system


We use initial pre checks to establish a general overall assessment of where your system is at.



The 14 meridians,  the endocrine system, the digestive system, the chakras and auric field are just samples of the many areas which may be highlighted as areas to investigate


Everything that has happened to you - your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, diet and lifestyle can create wellbeing or illness. Sometimes we don't even realise the things that put us under stress.

With Kinesiology we can find out lots of information about what's going on for you and we've got plenty of files to delve into and many techniques to use to help you get back in balance.


Kinesiologists use a blend of physical and energy techniques to gently rebalance the energy flow, allowing the body to use its own healing ability to bring itself back into harmony and balance.


Each kinesiology session is unique to the individual

There is no one fixed approach to balance the body mind and spirit that fits all.


We also sometimes use vibrational medicine such as essences if they are appropriate - your  system can be very clever in knowing what it needs


Kinesiologists do not diagnose or treat specific conditions but access your body's inner wisdom through muscle testing to find out exactly what your system needs to facilitate its own healing.


Getting your system  back in balance and the energy integrated or helping  you move  forward more easily is the aim of any kinesiology session



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