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Life Tracking offers a fresh dynamic approach to personal growth - giving you the opportunity to move forward.


Life Tracking is based on the Creative Kinesiology way of working that helps you look at what might need to happen to take you to the next stage of your journey


Its a bit like clearing the clutter and then opening a new doorway into something bright

With life tracking we can look at the more evolutionary aspects of your spiritual aspirations as we move forward in these vastly changing times


You may want to make changes in your life


You may want to increase your energy or find your purpose or just see if you're in alignment with your life goals


You might have low energy levels and symptoms that just don't seem to restore themselves.

Maybe there's fear stuck in your system from past trauma creating unnecessary anxiety at inappropriate times - you don't have to revisit that fear - just find where its held in the system and find techniques which will help release or balance these issues


With Life Tracking we can explore whether you hold certain beliefs that are holding you back we can also work with shifting  patterns of behaviour and getting the balance and support that helps you get your life back on track and move in the right direction - getting in vibrational alignment




Sessions usually last about an hour

Phone 07973 507497 for any queries or to book a session

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