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Food Issues & Allergic Reactions


Ever wondered whether something you're eating is not quite right for you?












Bloating? Discomfort? Unexplained rashes? Sensitivities, Food intolerance,

Digestive system out of sorts?



Sometimes your body can't recognise, utlise, absorb or eliminate certain foods 

Sometimes the body is craving a nutrient it isn't getting and the messages become confused

Simple testing of various points using vials can find out whether there's an issue going on for you.
















Wheat, gluten, milk, dairy, dust, pollen, pet hair, metals and food additives can be some of the main culprits. Candida overgrowth can affect your bowel flora too


We can test the allergy and intolerance points on the body

using different vials and muscle testing to see whether your system is reacting to various substances.

In some cases adjustments can be made and the reaction lessened or occasionally even eliminated



This method of testing is not a medical diagnosis and should be treated as an indication of foods which may not be resonating with your system


Get your digestive system back on track - this can be an interesting process -

In one of my client's sessions we discovered that she had a rare form of candida overgrowth - Candida Krusei

She went on to have another test at Barlow's herbalist Burnley using the Mora machine and this confirmed the results.

Did you know that Candida Krusei is sometimes used in the making of chocolate?

With balances and a herbal supplement she is on her way to getting her health back on track.


We also have some information on 5 element nutrition - eating in tune with the seasons can really nurture and support you

and if one of those elements is out of balance we can use a range of techniqiues to restore equilibrium








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