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Our Evolutionary Process

We are living in such a fascinating time where we know that we are each individually programmed by our DNA

We have access to knowledge about quantum physics and our own genetic evolutionary processes

so we know that we are programmed to evolve.


We are all exquisitely unique - yet sometimes being one's authentic self takes a lot of courage in a homogenised world

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that' its ok to be you' We should all be celebrating our uniqueness.


Perhaps you have heard of the 'knowing field' a place of frequency or vibration which we all have access to - a vibrational field that some might term the collective consciousness. We can all affect this field and we are all affected by it. The'Field' by Lynne McTaggart is an interesting read


There are some unique visionaries whose work influences my perspective because my own personal experiences resonate with them.


There are two interconnected routes in particular that have caught my attention


The first is  the Human Design system which was brought into being by an ordinary man now known as Ra Uru Hu who had a download of information/ consciousness over an eight day period when a supernova exploded in 1987. The information he was given was quite scientific but also a marriage of astrology, the I Ching, the Chakra system and Kabbalah. He was given information about how we are designed and how our energy field operates. Everything in the universe is frequency and how we receive and respond to frequency is different for us all. The way our aura or energy field works affects our experience of the world and defines who we are.

Exploration of this information is fascinating and can be found at or

If you know your birth date place and time you can download your free chart and find out which of the four energy types you are designed as - manifestors, generators, projectors or reflectors

I am a projector designed to work with others as a facilitator or guide
















From the quantum physics aspect Ra was given information on neutrinos before neutrinos were validated.

There is a neutrino field which passes through all of us and everything, influencing our vibrtion without us really being aware of it. I had my own download experience in 2004 relating to muon neutrinos  - its a fasciating area to research



The other work I would absolutely recommend is The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd unlocking the higher purpose in your DNA and again you can download your free genekey profile if you have your full birth information.

I have had my own epiphanies with this work and am currently facilitating in some workshops about our evolutionary process collectively and as individuals.

The Gene Keys is a contemplation of the I Ching and how the 64 keys relate to our consciousness as we travel through the shadow to unearth our gifts and then ultimately our enlightenment which Rudd refers to as Siddhis.

You may be amazed if you take this journey at how much each key in your programming resonates with you - there could be many

'ah-ha' moments as you recognise traits within yourself and there's also that element of being given permission to be you when you realise that you virtually have no choice but to act in the way you do.



















I also want to recommend a wonderful astrologer: Alison Dhuanna I guarantee you will not have had a reading like the ones Alison provides as she includes the Goddess Asteroids which shed a fascinating insight upon the aspects of your personality that are not commonly covered by most astrologers. Alison also runs astrology workshops and is a sound healer.


Did you know that there are astrological planetary points on the body that can be balanced with a  Kinesiology session?


I also want to recommend a wonderful mandala artist who is also an astrolger: check out her amazing mandalas



There's also the excellent work Molecules of Emotion why you feel the way you feel by Candace B Pert,PHD

which has some very interesting findings about 'brain cells in the gut' Did you know that about 70% of our immune system is in our digestive system? And that are whole cellular system is communicating with itself - another vindication of the holistic model. The main content of this book is on 'her pioneering research on how chemicals inside us form a dynamic information network linking mind and body'


There is a forward in the book by Deepak Chopra where he says 'In exploring how the mind body, spirit and emotions are unified in one intelligent system, what I call "the field of intelligence", Candace has taken a giant step toward shattering some cherished beliefs held sacred by Western Scientists for more than two centuries. her pioneering research has demonstrated how our internal chemicals, the neuro peptides and their receptors, are the actual biological underpinnings of our awareness, manifesting themselves as as our emotions, beleifs and expectations, and profoundly influencing how we respond to and experience our world'


The work of Candace Pert gives credibility to what some kinesiologists witness on many occassions during sessions with their clients.


Our evolutionary journey is one of wonderment  - a co creative process with each other. There are so many aspects of our ascension process that could be written about, I have given talks on the rays of ascension and our evolutionary process including information about the ceremony in South America when all the crystal skulls were present in the next stage activation for our DNA


In reality we probably don't have to do very much  -our programming will take care of itself it's just sometimes we need a little help as the body has to accomodate the new frequencies it's integrating


If you are interested in journeying further into these ideas then contact me or look out for our new workshops


love Susan Shanaz


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