Healing Harmony

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Based In Todmorden






Creative Kinesiology




Finding out what's going on for you from the innate wisdom of the body mind consciousness using muscle testing


Kinesiology lets you get information about you - from you - without you saying a word.



Co - Creation:


Working together to facilitate change for optimum health

and a positive way forward


Using a range of Techniques:

For some of us balance can be achieved by some very practical techniques  taken from Chinese medicine or 'Touch for Health '.

We can work on the body's energy meridians by holding accupressure points (like acupuncture without needles) or doing Neuro Lymphatic massage.

You are fully clothed during these processes

We may use techniques from Cranio Sacral therapy or Emotional Freedom Technique

There's even a wonderful technique called a 'karmic dump' which is a great way of getting rid of stuff that no longer serves you

Using subtle energy techniques   - essences, crystals or hands on healing might be needed to restore harmony.

Most of the methods used are excellent for removing stress and you can learn simple methods to help you stay centred and calm.





Changes big or small can make an amazing difference. It's where the 'magic' happens when shifts take place and you can get back on track.


Its not always about releasing the negative things - sometimes we're evolving at a rapid pace and just in need of some direction. Creative Kinesiology can help us realign in order to move forward.


If you're in need of some insight Creative Kinesiology might be just what you need






Sessions usually last about 1hour

Telephone 07973 507497 if you have any queries or to book a session


It is also possible to do a group balance where someone surrogates for the collective - this can be a fascinating process whereby issues will emerge which need to be cleared in order for new growth to evolve and to bring everything into harmony