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About Me  



Hello and welcome.


We live in a very exciting time of personal evolution which often comes with challenges


I offer a nurturing environment in which to explore any issues that are going on for you and explore ways  of

bringing about balance and equilibrium


I love kinesiology because it is a very co creative way of working -  its not the therapist telling you what you need

it really is your story - its like opening up your very own encyclopeadia and when information comes up

it really does mirror what's going on for you.

I love that you can work with your goals and balance your future plans.

and the fact that you can work in a very practical way  with the physical body but also around your creative

and spiritual aspects.

I also like how you can balance past traumas without having to revisit the pain caused by those situations.


I was drawn into healing work very naturally many years ago which resulted in me working with healing energies.  I completed  

a two year Crystal healing course with the International Association of Crystal Healing Therapists and become a Reiki master.

Later on I attended a two year nutritional course with the Nutritional healing foundation

I also did a 5 element nutrtion course with the Natural Food school based in Devon

My own personal journey for health & balance involved me going for Creative Kinesiology treatments which I found so

beneficial and absolutely fascinating.

My practioner Judith suggested I train in CK  and I'm so glad I took that opportunity to become a professional

Creative Kinesiologist. I am a registered practitioner on the Creative Kinesiology website and a member of the BCMA


Ive also attended an energy mismatch workshop which is all to do with testing for food sensitivities and allergies and

restoring balance where appropriate,


All consultations are completely confidential and I try to create a nurturing environment in which to facilitate your journey of discovery,

exploration. and healing. My clients come from every walk of life  - from the medical profession, other therapists, people with chronic

conditions, mental illness, and abusive experiences - basically anyone can benefit from a kinesiology session


I have run various crystal, crystal dowsing, self development workshops, meditation groups, Axiatonal attunements

If you're interested in the more esoteric nature of development and want to chat then please phone me on 

07973 507497 Shanaz/Sue


I currently have a treatment room at my home in Todmorden, I also am based at the Wellness Space Rochdale Rd Todmorden

and offer treatments at Concepts Beauty Huddersfield


I am also a Weleda health focus advisor and you can explore their wonderful products in my shop or contact me






I also have an interest in The human Rave design  

and for those of you who know anything about this I'm a projector which means I'm here to work with other people's energies and facilitate guidance.

Check out which energy type you are , if you have your birth date time and place you can find out if youre a manifestor, generator, projector or

reflector and learn all about yourself.















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